Benchmark Houston Builders: Expanding Along the Digital Horizon

May 27, 2019

Since we first launched our website in 2012, we have consistently grown our client base and been open to shifting the way we approach our work considering the ever-changing world of digital marketing.  Over the years, we have experienced an expansion in a variety of design-build projects that we could have never foreseen! Along this journey of growth and attainability, we are continually searching for ways to make our community, staff, and customers proud of what’s happening at Benchmark Houston Builders. 

The digital marketing world is indeed, ever-changing. Our goal is to provide today’s wave of consumers with access to a dynamic and current representation of who we are so that they may be able to better understand what we do and how we can be of service to their companies. We want to bring you alongside us on this journey, so here is what you can expect to see in this next quarter as we expand our digital footprint!

Exceptional Photography & Videography

Our hired team of professional photographers and videographers will be capturing before, during, and after footage of our projects so that we can share with the masses! We are looking forward to documenting our process from up in the sky drone footage, to down in the dirt close up shots. Aside from capturing the progression of our work, we will be sharing the compelling story of our company’s journey – told straight from the source, our president! 

Current Social Media Activity

With a distinguishable voice, our hired exceptional writers will be keeping the community up to date on all current happenings here at Benchmark. We will be sharing exclusive and informative posts about news in the industry, our activity in the community, and of course – the continuation of our work! You can find us posting and updating on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Re-launching Our Website

Our pride and joy! We are exceptionally excited about this, as it is truly a work of art. In its entirety, the website is visually aesthetic, simple to navigate, and makes all necessary information easily accessible. Here we will be posting monthly blogs on hot topics, uploading our current design-build project photography, and sharing our testimonial videos. You can find descriptive verbiage explaining who we are and what we do, as well as links to our social media pages and our contact information. 

Here’s to taking a step towards the future generation of digital marketing! Hats off to our hired professionals for helping steer us in the right direction and providing our clients and community with the aesthetics we are all becoming accustomed to! Stay tuned.