Construction often involves a lot of heavy parts, machinery, and materials. Since a lot of heavy things are moved, holes are dug, and ground is broken on construction sites, there can be potential for unsafe work environments. At Benchmark Houston Builders, we value the safety of our employees and clients as one of the most important things to be aware of on the job. Here are 5 tips for a safer construction site.  


  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)   

Anyone on site should wear proper safety gear. Using PPE can minimize dangers in the workplace according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. PPE includes things like helmets, gloves, and protective eye gear, but it also includes the type of clothing and shoes you wear. Wearing general PPE is not enough– wear the correct PPE for the given job you are tasked with. Certain gloves, helmets, and vests may all be appropriate for a certain type of construction but not another. PPE is not one size fits all and it is important to tailor your PPE to fit the specific job site and dangers that may come up on that particular site.  


  1. Identify and Communicate Possible Hazards 

Many accidents on construction sites can be prevented. By identifying possible hazards and looking at your construction site from a proactive viewpoint, you can identify many of these hazards before they become a problem. Along with identifying possible hazards, the safest construction sites have ways to communicate these hazards. If something does come up, how are you going to communicate it? Construction sites need personal safety devices to communicate possible hazards or incidents as they occur in order to rectify the situation to make it safe again as soon as possible. This may be a cell phone or radio. 


  1. Implement Safety Managers or a Safety Team   

Safety managers are another great way to have a safer construction site. By delegating safety as part of one person’s or team’s job responsibility, it helps ensure that safety is not just a part of someone’s job that does not get done because they are tasked with too many other responsibilities. Dedicating the task of safety to a team or person really shows your company values safety. This manager or team can oversee all aspects of safety such as proper training, steps to prevent accidents, inspecting day-to-day safety procedures, and analyzing any incidents in order to move forward and make the construction site safer for next time. 


  1. Training   

Another important part of having a safe construction site is actually done outside of the construction site: training. By having regular trainings about safety and consistently talking about it, you can make sure your construction crew is on the same page about what safety practices are in place and should be followed. It is not enough to have training at onboarding and never speak about it again. Safety training should be ongoing and regularly practiced. Safety should be a part of the regular workday conversation and not just something that comes up when an incident occurs. Regular safety trainings, safety certifications, and safety training sessions can help reinforce concepts and make construction safety a part of your company’s core values. 


  1. Operate your Equipment Safely  

Another tip for a safer construction site is to operate your equipment as safely as possible. Operate any equipment, including heavy machinery, used as directed. Do not do things a different way because you think it will be quicker or more efficient. Construction equipment has specific directions on how to operate the heavy machinery for safety purposes. Similarly, use your body in a safe manner. Our bodies are also a way to get the job done. By practicing safe lifting techniques, construction sites can be a safer place to work by using our bodies to help us do our jobs in a safe manner.   

Safety is an ongoing concern in the construction industry. We are hoping to be part of the solution to safer construction sites everywhere by joining the conversation about safety. The more we talk about it, the more safety becomes a part of our team’s culture and everyday practices. To have a safer construction site, wear proper PPE, identify potential hazards, implement a safety manager or team, participate in continuous training, and operate your equipment safely. Benchmark Houston Builders works to help others build the perfect space for their company– and we strive to do so in the safest environment possible. Contact us today to learn more about our safety practices when on construction sites in Texas.