Design Build Construction Management

“We assure our customers total value with relation to the cost, timing, and quality of any building project.”

The construction industry is a risky business where every day a dynamic set of circumstances can potentially put people in harm’s way. At Benchmark, we take no tasks or their potential risk lightly. Our process is simple, yet fundamental, to protect each employee, subcontractor and client rep.

• Each jobsite and employee is equipped with our Company Safety and Health Manual which is the basis of our safety culture. Outlining our policies and procedures for assessing and mitigating risk on our jobsites, it provides all personnel with a direct reference guide to evaluate most situations. Our safety and Health manual has been crafted to meet or exceeds those regulations provided by OSHA.

• All projects/tasks begin with a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), a procedure which
outlines the tasks involved, identifies potential risks, provides steps
for their mitigation, and details any special training that might be required. Use of this tool is vital to communicating various risk scenarios to all involved parties and making sure that each person is educated on the handling of any possible exposures to loss.

• All site-specific employees and their sub-contractors on any Benchmark job site are required to have weekly safety meetings. These meetings allow them to coordinate proper safety strategies into their operations. In addition, a weekly topic pertinent to the work being performed is also reviewed.

• Each jobsite is audited by the superintendent and/or a third party safety consultant weekly to ensure full compliance with OSHA regulations.

• Benchmark provides proper training for their personnel. In addition to a number of specialty training certifications(BOP, HAZWOPER, LOTO) held by some of our personnel, every Benchmark Houston Builders Project Manager and Superintendent maintains certifications in the following areas:

• First Aid
• OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety and Health
• Basic Orientation Plus

The implementation of these practices and procedures ensures that our employees and sub-contractors will understand the risks of the work and understand the ways to mitigate those risks. We believe in establishing a culture, where safe practices are innate and without thought or question.

Download our Full Safety and Health Manual