As summer wraps up, we’re already thinking about fall. Fall can be a great time for construction builds! Check out these 6 reasons why you should build your new commercial space in the fall. 

1. Lower Cost    

Businesses want to cut costs whenever they can– and for good reason! When you cut costs, you allow for more profit. Building your new commercial space in the fall can be a way to cut costs. Typically, there is less demand for construction materials as the weather gets cooler, and the price of materials can go down. In addition, some retailers may be trying to get rid of their current stock to make room for new products for the next season, so they discount their existing stock of materials. Materials can cost less which is a big part of what you pay for when building a new commercial space, so building in fall can be a great way to lower the overall costs of your build. 

2. Increased Productivity      

Another great reason to build your new commercial space in the fall is the increased productivity of workers. In the peak building season of the summer months, it can get pretty hot. In fall, as the weather gets nicer, workers can actually work more productively and get more done in less time due to the nicer weather. While there are less hours of daylight, the days that are spent working aren’t as drained by the summer sun, and milder temperatures makes working all day more appealing. It is less necessary to only work half days on the job or take a large break due to the heat. Fewer water breaks are needed and heat-related illnesses or injuries are less likely. 

3. The Ground is Better in Fall  

Building can actually be better and easier in the fall because the ground is in a better place to be messed with. The soil is dry during this time after a long summer. This can make the soil easier to dig, fill, and move. It is also a great time to lay concrete. While experienced builders can pour concrete any time of year, the cooler fall temperatures allow for a better pour and end product. The cement is less likely to freeze, expand, break, or incorrectly form than it is in the cold winter months or the hot summer months. 

4. Less Weather Delays 

Another great thing about fall is there are less weather delays. During this time of year, you are less likely to have any sort of weather that forces construction to halt for the day and makes it take a lot longer to get to the finished product. In summer, extreme heat can cause delays. In winter, extreme cold can be a problem. While the weather is nicer in spring than it is in winter or summer, there is a higher likelihood of rain showers that could also cause a delay in your construction build. Fall is a great time of year for your workers but also for your project itself as less weather-related delays will come up. Most weather this time of year can be worked through and the project can stay on pace with your goal completion date. 

5. Permitting May be Quicker    

There is a lot that goes into construction builds! More than just the timelines and needs of the materials and constructions, you have to also consider various permits that are needed to be able to complete different portions of the construction project. Local government agencies have different permits they may need to issue to allow your project to take off. In general, fall is a less busy time for these government agencies as well when it comes to processing these kinds of requests, which may allow them to process your permit requests more quickly. This allows your timeline to move right along and can result in a quicker completion of your build. 

6. It’s a Good Time for Floors 

If your build involves laying flooring, fall may be a great time for your build. Many types of flooring, whether that is wood, carpet, or tile, require adhesive that needs indoor temperatures to be within a certain range to work best. In certain months, this adhesive may not dry quite like it’s supposed to, resulting in a lower quality end product. While there are ways to still lay high quality flooring in other months with trained professionals and proper tools, fall is an optimal time of year because of the temperature outside.  

Interested in cutting costs, maximizing productivity, and building in an optimal time of year? Consider building your new commercial space in the fall! Contact Benchmark Houston Builders at or 713-921-2500 to start your build this fall.