Are You Ready For Winter?

Jul 21, 2019

Accuweather is predicting that the southern plains are going to experience a back and forth kind of Winter in 2019, leading into the new year. Extreme on both ends, meaning our December and February might have higher temperatures than previous years while also experiencing some very cold snow and icy temperatures in January. How do these temperatures have an impact on construction? 

When we experience extreme weather, from wind to snow, the risk increases for damage and destruction to infrastructure. With high winds or storms in the forecast for the coming days, weeks, or months, construction companies have to plan strategically around them. Because weather can affect construction equipment, materials, and workers- it takes detailed consideration to create emergency plans for the variation in the weather.

In some areas, such as Midland, Texas, the Winter brings a predominantly windy atmosphere. In construction, wind causes companies to pay attention to what kind of equipment and operations can handle the movement. Wind gains speed as it gets higher, putting a risk on equipment operating at certain heights. Lifting operations can cause swinging or unplanned movement, which is another risk to keep in mind!  

Colder weather brings a few things to the table. First, taking care of your employees in harsh weather conditions includes making sure they are fitted with the appropriate gear and apparel to work comfortably. When considering the materials for operations, cold weather can affect the hydration in the cement. Without getting too detailed, it is important to keep the mortar from freezing temperatures to avoid slowing down or stopping the cement hydration.

There are construction software programs to help predict your long-term plan, as well as your short-term emergency plans for extreme weather. As seasoned professionals in the construction and design-build industry, Benchmark Houston Builders operates specifically on safety! We are well equipped and prepared for Winter 2019.