Behind the Scenes: A day in the life of a builder on massive infrastructure projects

You might wonder what it’s like to be a builder on a massive infrastructure project. While no one day is the same in this career, we wanted to give a little insight on what it’s like to be a builder. Check out a glimpse of a day in the life of a builder working on one of our projects.

1. Early Mornings   

Most builders start their days pretty early. While it depends on the job, the weather, and other factors, many builders can start their day anywhere between 4:30am to 6:00am. By starting work early, our builders are able to avoid rush hour traffic, extreme temperatures, and stay safe. What’s more? Starting early allows builders to maximize the hours of daylight available during their work time. 

2. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

All projects at Benchmark Houston Builders begin with a Job Hazard Analysis. During this procedure, tasks involved as well as the potential risks involved with the day are outlined. Construction plans are usually written well in advance to get all team members on the same page. Some builders create an itinerary for the day to help the day go smooth and keep the build project on track.  

3. Various Projects 

As a builder of massive infrastructure projects, tasks will often vary throughout the day. Some days builders may be on the same job site just doing different types of builds. Other days, builders may do a specific task on site at one location and go do another task at a project at another site. As such, some of the work day is spent driving to other work sites.

4. Pre-Site Meetings

While being a builder of a massive infrastructure project requires a lot of physical labor, builders have meetings, too! Some of the day may be spent in meetings, discussing project tasks, planning ahead, and delegating work. Meetings allow for valuable time to communicate on projects to make sure all members of the construction build team are on the same page. We have weekly safety meetings to ensure safe processes are being followed.

5. Gathering Equipment and Construction Materials 

While some of the equipment and construction materials needed for the job may already be on site, some of the day of a builder is gathering those items. Equipment and materials could be at another construction site, at company headquarters, or even at a wholesaler. Builders need to gather these in order to complete their jobs.

6. Building 

Of course, a big part of the day in the life of a builder is actually building! Our builders work on a variety of projects for our clients including laboratory, manufacturing, office spaces, speciality purpose spaces, and tenant improvement projects. 

Our builders work very hard to make sure we get the best job done well. Benchmark Houston Builders takes pride in our builders and the end projects they help us accomplish! Contact us today at or 713-921-2500 to learn more about being a builder or starting a build with us.