commercial construction in Houston

Benchmark Houston Builders utilizes interior design concepts in our commercial construction in Houston. While many people think commercial construction comes before interior design, interior design actually plays a big role in the commercial construction process. Read on to learn more. 

Increased Functionality         

By implementing interior design processes into the commercial construction process, you can increase functionality in a space. While interior design is partially about aesthetics, a big role in interior design is actually to maximize space and functionality. By creating smart layouts, designers and architects can collaborate to create a space that is as functional as possible. If a room is intended for a certain function, it is important to ensure the design will fit that function.      

Energy Efficiency   

Commercial construction and interior design go hand-in-hand to create energy efficient spaces. Using specific insulated materials, factoring in ventilation, and the use of natural light can make a space more energy efficient. If there is a specific layout for a space intended by an interior designer, it is also important to ensure the outlets and the wires are in the right place to support this design.   

Color Schemes and Designs     

Interior designers are experts in their field. They know what colors go well together, what finishes are more likely to last the test of time, and what materials may increase home value. Incorporating an interior design perspective into your home build process, you can increase the overall quality of your home build and its value over time.    


While some construction build companies may consider layouts of rooms and shapes of buildings based on where the natural light will come in, interior designers do more than that. Interior designers are trained to take into consideration how that light will impact the ambience of the space. While taking natural lighting into account, interior designers can work with builders to influence the look and feel of a space. 

Influence the Feel of the Space 

Interior design plans a huge impact on what a final build feels like. While commercial construction alone has a big impact on the rooms in a final construction project, interior design concepts influence some of the less tangible things like functionality, energy efficiency, color schemes, designs, and lighting. By influencing the feel of the space, interior design can greatly impact how clients feel about a final build. 

Benchmark Houston Builders is more than just your average commercial construction business in Houston. We are proud to utilize interior design concepts into our construction practices to create beautiful spaces that look and feel amazing to our clients. Contact or 713-921-2500 to learn more.