How Benchmark will get the best job done safely

Benchmark Houston Builders is a design build and construction management organization that prioritizes the safety of our people. We don’t sacrifice safety to get the job done. At the safe time, the quality of our builds does not go down because we prioritize the safety of our people. Read more to find out how Benchmark prioritizes getting the best job done safely.  

Company Safety and Health Manual      

Here, safety is part of our culture. Each Benchmark Houston Builders job site and employee has access to our Company Safety and Health Manual. This document outlines our policies and procedures for assessing and mitigating risks on job sites. This provides employees with a resource to directly look up safe policies and procedures and best practice on how to evaluate most situations they could encounter while at a job site. The Safety and Health Manual meets or exceeds the regulations provided by OSHA. 

Begin with a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) 

All projects and tasks begin with a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). This procedure outlines the tasks involved, identifies potential risks, provides steps for their mitigation, and details any special training that might be required. By including a Job Hazard Analysis at the start of every project and tasks, we empower our employees to work in an educated manner and to be vigilant of any likely risks that come with the project they are working on that day. This also helps communicate the possible risky scenarios involved to all parties present on the job which gets everyone on the same page. 

Weekly Safety Meetings

All site-specific employees and their sub-contractors working on any Benchmark job sites are required to have weekly safety meetings. These meetings allow those in attendance to coordinate proper safety strategies into their operations. A relevant topic to the work being performed is also reviewed at these meetings. By having mandatory safety meetings, we not only stay educated on the risks but also stay vigilant as safety is always top of mind.   

Weekly Safety Audits

Not only do we regularly talk about safety, but we also put practices in place to check our work to ensure the practices we are implementing are actually working. Every Benchmark Houston Builders job site has weekly safety audits. The superintendent and/or a third party safety consultant ensure best practices for safety and that we are in full compliance with OSHA regulations. By holding weekly safety audits at each site, we keep ourselves accountable to maintaining the safest practices possible.   


We also provide training to our personnel to make sure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to execute their job functions safely. Every Benchmark Houston Builders Project Manager and Superintendent maintains first aid, CPR, AED, OSHA30 Hour Construction Safety and Health, and Basic Orientation Plus certifications. Some of our personnel also hold specialty training certifications (BOP, HAZWOPER, LOTO).  

The construction industry can be risky. With heavy machinery, bulky materials, and both manual and electronic labor, there are risks involved at any construction site. At Benchmark, we don’t take these risks lightly. We prioritize the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, and client representatives by adhering to best practices for safety. Interested in working with a construction company that does things the right way and keeps its people safe? Benchmark Houston Builders is the organization for you! Contact us today at or 713-921-2500 to learn more about working with us and our safety processes!