Steps to Selecting the Ideal Land for your Houston Construction Project


Before you make any decisions about where exactly you want to build your Houston construction project, you should do some research on what’s out there. Research different land plots that are available by looking online. Some plots may only be available for residential use, and some are for commercial use, so you will want to be sure you are looking in the right category for your build. By researching different land plots in the Houston area, you can have a better idea of what is a reasonable price for a certain plot of land to make sure you make an educated decision when purchasing. 

Consult an Expert   

While doing research on your own is helpful, it can be helpful to talk to someone who is an expert on the topic. Land specialists and real estate agents may have a better idea of what is the best bang for your buck and what is an appropriate price tag on a piece of land. More than just the price, these experts can help you identify possible problems with the plot of land or location you are looking at that you will want to be aware of before purchasing the land. 

Topography, Size, and Shape 

After figuring out a few locations that you like, it will be important to analyze these pieces of land for topography, size, and shape as these things may have a direct impact on what kind of build you can have and the different things you can do with the build. Certain elevations and terrains can be very difficult or impossible to build on. Other plots of land may be buildable, but due to certain complexities of the land, it will be more difficult for builders to build on and it will increase your costs. While you will want to make sure the size of the land is suitable for your build, just because it is big enough does not mean it is the right piece of land for you. The shape of the land is something to take into account because this can directly impact what you can build on it and the shape of that final build.


Another way you can continue your research process is through surveys. Property/boundary surveys, environmental surveys, topographical surveys, and control surveys can all provide you with valuable pieces of information about the land that can tell you more about the feasibility and functionality of your dream build in that space. Read more about the value of getting a land survey here. 

Other Restrictions   

Certain pieces of land may have other restrictions you will want to be aware of before purchasing a plot of land. If the land is the right size and perfect location, that is great! However, you will want to be sure you can build what you actually want to build on that piece of land. Different zoning ordinances, building codes, standards, permits, subdivision regulations, water quality, toxic materials, and city regulations are all things that may be restricted that you will want to look into before buying that piece of Houston land for your next build.  

Selecting the ideal land for your Houston construction project is not as simple as finding a plot of land at the right price and location for you. While these are certainly important factors, there are many intricacies of the land itself that must be considered when purchasing it to ensure the build you are dreaming of can actually be a reality in that space. Not only does the land you pick impact the way your build ends up, but your build can impact the efficiency of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers and, therefore, the success of your business. You don’t have to decide on a plot of land for your next Houston build all on your own. Benchmark Houston Builders is proud of our commitment to the design process from project inception to competition, and we can help you select the right piece of land for your next Houston construction build! Contact us today at or 713-921-2500 for help in selecting the right piece of land for your build needs.