Commercial construction is almost an all-encompassing term that describes most buildings that aren’t residential. These can range from office buildings to industrial facilities and everything in between. There are a few key differences in the two types of construction, and we’re going to explain them!

Materials + Equipment

Homes generally are built with a timber frame because it tends to be the most cost effective and structurally appropriate material for smaller buildings. Few homeowners are willing to invest in a steel frame. Because commercial construction projects are larger and overall more complex, steel frames make the most sense due to their resiliency and longevity. Commercial builders that have relationships with suppliers result in more consistency. 

Residential homes rarely require the use of cranes and other specialized equipment that are used on larger-scale commercial projects. This kind of heavy machinery requires skilled and properly-trained operators to avoid accidents. 

Codes + Permits

The codes and permitting required for a commercial job are very strict and specific. While both have specific codes and permits from the municipality, the rules and regulations for materials, electrical systems, plumbing, construction techniques, design, and size are all different. At Benchmark, we are well versed in the necessary regulations and will take care of that side of things for you. These codes are complex and experienced professionals are required to ensure that they are followed correctly. 


The cost of a project can depend on a lot of different factors, such as location, climate, economy, type of building, etc. However, there are significant cost differences between residential and commercial building projects. Because they have such high costs associated with them, commercial projects are typically funded by a corporation with bank financing, a governing agency, or a wealthy owner or developer. Residential projects are typically paid for by homeowners using a bank loan. 

It’s so important to choose the right company for your commercial construction project. Benchmark Builders would love to partner with you!