The History of Minute Maid Park

The History of Minute Maid Park

Here at Benchmark Houston Builders, there is nothing we love more than a good building. As baseball season starts up we thought we’d take a look at one of Houston’s favorite monumental buildings: Minute Maid Park. Read on to learn more about the history of Minute Maid Park. 


The Beginning   

The Houston Astros have not always called Minute Maid Park home. Before their move to Minute Maid Park in 2000, the Houston Astros played at the Colt Stadium and the Astrodome. They made the move to Minute Maid Park in 2000 and haven’t looked back since. 



Minute Maid Park, previously called Enron Field, is located on the northeast end of downtown Houston. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of Houston, the park is located near many great restaurants, shopping centers, and things to do. The view from the stadium is unique because you can see the Houston city skyline while watching the game. 


The Details

Minute Maid Stadium has a gross square footage of 28.97 acres, with the total square footage adding up to 1,263,240 square feet. The stadium brought something to Houston it had never seen before: a retractable roof. The retractable roof in Minute Maid Stadium is 242-feet high. This alone made it a huge attraction for Houstianains. Unlike some stadiums, this roof retracts completely off the ballpark to reveal the entire stadium. The stadium is also built on well maintained, natural grass which makes it a sight to behold. 


Paying Homage to its History  

Minute Maid Stadium was not always Minute Maid Stadium. Before they built the impressive MLB stadium here, it was once Houston’s Union Station, a railroad transport stop. This railroad played a huge role in the development of the city of Houston. The Houston Astros pay homage to the rich history of Houston and the Houston Union Station with a replica of a 19th century locomotive located on the left-field side of the stadium. Whenever the Astros hit a home run or win a game, the train moves down the track which is about 800 feet long. The original building of Houston Union Stadium now lives inside Minute Maid Stadium and the main entrance of the ballpark is actually named after the former train station: Union Station Lobby. 



Everything is bigger and better in Texas– including our stadiums! Minute Maid Stadium was designed to replace what was known as the Eight World Wonder, the Astrodome. But, the Astros wanted a stadium that was bigger and better than before. Minute Maid Stadium includes seating capacity of about 40,000 which includes about 5,000 club seats and 63 luxury seats. 


Play Ball

The Houston Astros played their first game in Minute Maid Stadium in an exhibition game on March 30, 2000 against the New York Yankees. The Astros won 6-5. They then hosted the Philadelphia Phillies in their first official regular-season game on April 7, 2000, losing 1-4. When is the last time you’ve caught a Houston Astros game at this historic stadium? The Houston Astros play on April 14 at 7:10PM at Minute Maid Park. Catch a game and check out this incredible building with a view of the Houston skyline.

Image of Houston Astros standing for the national anthem