Why Benchmark is the Best Construction Management Company for your Summer Building Project

There are a lot of different construction management companies you can choose for your summer building project, but we see ourselves as more than just a constitution management company. Benchmark Houston Builders is the best construction management company for your summer building project because we are there for you every step of the way. Read on to learn more about the services we offer to our clients.

Land Searches

Our team works with you from the beginning to help search for the right land for your space. Finding the right land for your new build is not as simple as just finding land that is the correct square footage for your build. There are things to keep in mind like location, what is allowed to be built on certain plots of land, and what amenities can be brought to a building on that land. We aid in land searches to help you find different options for your build project. We discuss what the end goal of your business is for that particular build so we can help you find the perfect land for your build.


Facility Programming    

Another part of the process we help with is facility programming. Facility programming is a process that is used to figure out the space needs of a potential build. In order to maximize the success of your build, we have detailed discussions on how you need your space to function. This allows us to move towards a build plan that will fit all your needs, maximize your space, and ensure the success of your business. 


Preliminary Budgeting 

Money is obviously an important factor that is part of any large construction project. As part of our services, we work with you on preliminary budgeting to help you estimate the costs of the project. Using the projections of total gross square feet of the build and early estimates, we are able to come up with a budget that fits your needs and clearly outline where the money is being spent. 


Design and Estimating  

Another great part of our build process is the design and estimating step! During this phase, we get to work with our clients on the design of their dream build. Using the information we have discussed about your company’s needs for the space, our experienced designers work to meet your needs in creative and innovative ways. During this step, we also estimate costs and timelines for the project. 


Cost Saving Analysis  

We want you to get the most out of your build. Because of this, we take part in a cost saving analysis during our build process. The cost savings analysis is used to calculate different costs associated with different build plans. By giving you a cost saving analysis of different variations of a build plan, we aim to allow our clients to compare the different options and decide which option will be the greatest return on their investment. 


Complete Construction Coordination  

When we have decided on the best build plan for your company and your needs, the real fun begins! During this phase, we work on the construction of your build. As an experienced construction management company, we coordinate all of the working parts of the construction for you. We communicate consistently on how things are progressing and any updates to the timeline so you are always in the loop about your project.  


Installation, Move in, and Start Up  

Once we have a complete build, our job isn’t over! Our construction management company takes pride in helping with installation, move in, and start up. We want to see our projects all the way through, and that’s why we work hard to not only get you your dream build, but also get you moved in and functioning in your dream build! 


One Team   

Benchmark Houston Builders is the best construction management company for your summer building project because we offer one team of experienced professionals that will see your project all the way through. Working with multiple vendors and having to hire out someone to manage them or manage them yourself can be quite the process. Timelines can compete and the process can be slow when multiple companies are involved. Sometimes weeks go by between the different steps of the build process as the differing teams work on different parts of the project or miscommunication occurs. Benchmark Houston Builders is the best construction management company for your summer build because our team works together to provide a complete experience for you from start to finish. Our construction services aren’t just limited to one part of a job; instead, we are committed to our clients from project inception all the way to successful move in and start up. Contact us today at info@benchmarkhouston.com or 713-921-2500 to get started!