Building Up Trust

Sep 21, 2019

Working with a team requires trust. Whether you are coming into the office every day or working on a project job site, you want to know that you can trust the people around you for several reasons! To focus on your duty or skill, you need to trust that your co-workers are focused on their duties or skills to ensure that the client is receiving the best and total effort towards completion. When everyone is doing their job right, you can trust that your team is supplying a great service or product! Here are a few ways to help build up trust in your office or team.

Starting From The Top

Have you ever worked with a company that was completely honest with you? Regarding operations, updates, upcoming changes or events, status, etc. When you compare it to working in a position where you feel disconnected and uninformed, it makes a big difference where trust is considered. When management keeps their team members in the loop, they will feel a stronger connection to the company and further trust their employers.

Be Present

If you are the company president, owner, or CEO, be present! It’s hard for a company owner to understand the challenges that their team faces day in and day out without being present in the operations. And not only does it help the owner, but for the team member to see you getting your hands dirty next to them is a great way to build trust through that experience. 

Personalize Your Approach

Whether you are a manager approaching a team member, or a team member approaching a peer, personalize your approach. Understand that every employee has a life outside of the company you work for and is a human being just like you! We all appreciate a little humor here and there to lighten the mood. Personalizing your communication makes for a comfortable and trusting work atmosphere.

Take time to build up the trust in your company, because it pays off to have returning clients who have seen and experienced what your team has completed for them. A team that trusts each other to communicate and perform will always outshine the next!