The Benefits of Design-Build

Dec 5, 2019

What exactly is the design-build method? And how is it different from the traditional construction method? A design-build project is when the project owner provides both the design and construction services under one contract. The cost is established after the preliminary drawings are made, contrary to the cost being established after the designer and contractor bid on the project. 

Saves Time

By taking steps out of the traditional construction method, the owner saves time by choosing to use the design-build method. You are selecting one team instead of two, which cuts down half of the communication and scheduling. Since the cost is established immediately after the preliminary drawings, the owner is informed early on!

Simplifies The Communication

We like to call it, having “one throat to choke”. When something comes up, or an immediate answer is needed, the owner has one team to contact. Every team member will be aware of the status during the design-build, versus two separate teams having to extend the communication to get questions answered. 


Time is saved during the entire process, bringing the owner to their completion date that much faster. The sooner the project is completed, the sooner it can begin bringing in revenue. Aside from the timely manner, design-builds typically stay right on target with estimated costs and tend to have fewer conflicts when there are fewer players!

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