How To Survive The Busy Season

Feb 21, 2020

In every industry, there is a dreaded “busy season” approaching. Whether that be the insanity of retail during the holidays, the increased home sale volume in the summer, or a rotating peak season all year in construction- we’re all busy! 

When Benchmark Houston Builders started, we had one client who filled all of our time. We’ve since grown exponentially and had to work through the kinks of surviving the busy season. Here are two tips that your business might benefit from when experiencing growth or business…

Keep Calm and Communicate. If you are in a leadership position, be sure to facilitate meetings to stay in communication with your team. These conversations can be used to express how you expect the upcoming growth to affect everyone involved. Prepare your team for what will come in the busy seasons so that once you are in the midst of it, they feel confident coming to you with any hiccups.

Build Your Foundation. When chaos blows through, you want to have a strong foundation to stand on that you can feel good about! Spend some solid time focusing on your operations. Are you measuring the workload accurately? Do you have the right systems in place to function in an applicable amount of time?

When a business really gets going, there are a few times where you really get the chance to breathe! This is a great problem to have if you handle it well. Our main tips are to keep a calm attitude and firm foundation, everything else will work well from there.