Stick to Your Goals

Jan 20, 2020

Even when your vision feels like it has been pushed farther off into the distance, stick to your goals. Be the person who does what he or she says, and it will echo in effect to the people around you! When you see someone who sticks to their word, who says they will show up on time and always does, who exemplifies traits of honesty and integrity- it inspires you to follow suit. 

Sticking to your goals at home and in the workplace can offer a healthy, more positive atmosphere both for you and your surrounding family or co-workers. It might be hard to understand how sticking to your goals could affect anyone but you. 

Here’s an example! Let’s say you promise yourself that every day this week you are going to make it a point to create a full task list first thing in the morning and have every task checked off by the end of the day. We’ve all experienced the interruptions of emails and unexpected meetings, but this week you are determined not to break that promise. There will be a rippling effect…

  1. Your attitude towards the time you have to complete your tasks at work will be very focused, leaving less time for chatting or slacking off.
  2. When you are performing your absolute best at your job, you are complimenting the rest of your team! 
  3. Productivity is contagious. When your co-workers see you putting in the extra effort, it is going to inspire them to be on that same high! 
  4. Once the week is over, you’re going to feel so good about not only finishing every set task but you will also experience an addicting sense of pride for sticking to your word!


Test our theory, we dare you! Pick one small goal for a set amount of days and see what happens when you stick to it. When you learn how to embrace life’s obstacles and push through, it gives you lessons to learn and teach!