Starting From Scratch

Aug 19, 2020

When asked “How can you compete, you have never built one of these”, we often respond, “99.9% of our projects were once something we had never built.”

At Benchmark Houston Builders, our team has worked extremely hard to ensure our clients get the best building experience possible. We are a design-build firm that began working in the oil field service sector but have completed constructions from tilt wall office buildings all the way down to pre-engineered metal buildings. 

From technical facilities to manufacturing facilities, laboratories to executive offices to chemical companies, etc., we are always striving to be the best construction company for what you need. We strive for the client relationships that trust us with all future construction needs! As a small company, we are able to individually hold each other accountable so that we truly focus on every client equally. 

We are able to do a large volume of work and a variety of projects. Whether that be starting from scratch or not. Our ultimate goal is to deliver you a great product! By operating with integrity and an incredible team, we guarantee to set the Benchmark for the way you believe a construction company should operate.

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