The Design-Build Process

Aug 31, 2020

When to Choose Design-Build


Design-build is a great option for anyone looking to streamline the building process while also proactively saving time and money. This process has been used for 4 millennia and is proven to be very efficient. Design-build is the future of construction and will represent almost half of construction spending by 2021, according to the “Design-Build Utilization” report published in June of 2018.


Why You Should Choose Design-Build


In the traditional design-bid-build process, the company owner is the go-between for both the architect and the construction business. They have to keep track of two separate contracts and there tends to be a much higher possibility of miscommunication or liabilities. 


With the design-build process, every team member is under one contract. The system fosters collaboration and teamwork, as the architect and contractor are generally familiar with working together. There is a single point of responsibility. This allows changes and disputes to be far less common. At Benchmark, our priority we offer our customers total value in relation to the cost, timing, and quality of any project. 


What is Design-Build?


Design-build is the entire designing, planning, and construction process of a project all under one contract. There are generally 4 phases of buildout once a customer selects a builder: pre-construction assessments, architectural design, construction, and post-construction. The beauty of design-build is that these phases are able to overlap. This saves both time and money on each project. Benchmark Builders carefully plans and executes each project by a team that’s working together to ensure the best customer service possible, with open communication and total accountability. 

Benchmark is here to make sure each and every project is completed successfully. Contact us today to discuss the opportunity to partner together!