The Proof is in the Practice

May 4, 2020

“In terms of overall values, the proof is in the practice when you see how those values are administered and managed. With Benchmark, we have seen the values in action.”

-Bill Nikche, Vice President, Dawson Van Order


“Benchmark brought a very high level of professionalism to the table that we had not experienced before in previous construction projects.”

-Bennett Goodman, Karbach Brewery


“What Benchmark has built is a set of relationships and a reputation that relies on integrity, teamwork, quality, value, commitment. All five of those really come into play on every construction project.”

-Russell Kelly, Principal, Energy Architecture


We asked our clients to tell their stories of their experience in working with Benchmark Houston Builders. We are so happy to share with you what our clients are saying! Check out our client testimonial video here.