4 Reasons the Design-Build Method Works

For those who don’t know how design-build works, it may seem unnecessary to reinvent the wheel. However, there are so many benefits to taking a turn from tradition!


Our team works with you to meet the same goal – a successful building project that exceeds expectations. Challenges are met together, and solutions are created by all involved. You get to be part of the team, too, which means that your goals will be accomplished and your wishes achieved.


Benchmark is an expert in both design and construction. Our architects have years of training and experience that allow them to lead teams effectively and efficiently. Our teams are very knowledgeable and have strong partnerships. They are your trusted advisors throughout the process, and they have an abundance of expertise to guide you from beginning to end.


Design-build is a collaborative effort. Our architects and builders collaborate together to make the whole thing work, as opposed to having to contract projects out. They’re accustomed to working together and communicating seamlessly. The ability to communicate with transparency is invaluable to the completion of a project.


With the design-build method, “savings” doesn’t just refer to money! It also refers to time. All of the benefits listed above work together in order to save both time and money. Better communication means fewer mistakes, which means there’s no need to spend time and money fixing them. Having everyone in the same office means that we’re able to walk across the room to have conversations as opposed to trying to get people on the phone all day. 


These are only a few of the reasons to choose the design-build method. To learn more about how the team at Benchmark works or why we use this method, feel free to reach out!