Dreaming of Workspace Design

One of the more exciting aspects of building a corporate space is designing the workspace. There are so many possibilities and options, and Benchmark is here to walk you through every decision so that we can create a space that makes coming to work exciting every day.

Communal Workspaces

Long gone are the days of drab, dreary cubicles. Workspace design is very much related to the productivity and creativity of your team. You can choose an open, flexible design that fosters open communication and collaboration. These spaces tend to have lots of comfortable seating areas and long tables for gathering. Open floor plans are becoming more and more popular as organizations are understanding the benefits of natural light, movement, and collaboration.

Meeting Spaces

From giant boardrooms with huge tables and lots of seats to smaller meeting rooms for 4-6 people, there are so many options to make meetings productive and comfortable. Floor to ceiling glass walls can make the room feel open while still providing privacy, while some offices may prefer an entirely open meeting area. If you can’t decide between the two, sliding glass panels can be opened up to create a hybrid space!

Video conference rooms were a luxury in the past, but now they’ve become a productivity must for some organizations. These rooms require a more specific layout to ensure that everyone in the room and those joining on the call can see and year what’s going on in the room. Noise reduction, acoustics, and lighting are all considerations in a space like this, as well.

Green Space

Green space in or around the office “increases employee engagement, making them more physically, cognitively, and emotionally involved in their work,” according to Francisco Vaquez, president of 3G Smart Group. He adds that plants “can help reduce stress, increase attention skills, and improve wellbeing, all of which increase productivity.” They also have positive environmental impacts. From living walls to rooftop green space, there are so many options for creating the space your team needs.