Finding the Perfect Piece of Land to Build On


Benchmark exists to partner with you in building your dream space, and we know that a great building starts with a great piece of land. Here are some things to consider when choosing where to build!


Probably the most important thing to consider when choosing land is the location! Accessibility is a big part of the location, so make sure you’re looking at surrounding roads, driveways, and neighbors. It will impact your employees, available customers, supply delivery, and more. The housing markets around the location will also be something to think about, because not only is it an indication of the area’s economic health, but it also can affect the quality of life for the employees that could potentially live close by. 

Zoning and Usage Laws

The zoning and usage laws are important because they will determine what the land is able to be used for, what can be built on it, and what regulations must be followed when building. These laws can determine the size, configuration, and location of the building on the land, as well as what measures must be taken to be compatible with neighboring properties (e.g., buffers, flood control). All of these things go into the price and usefulness of the land and potential building project.

Cost of Doing Business

The land, along with its location, will affect the cost of doing business. Do your research on the available utilities in the area, what the internet connectivity is like, the security, and insurance rates. Another important thing to keep in mind are the taxes you will be responsible for, and how much they will be. 

The Land Itself

Whether you’ll have to clear the land of trees and bushes or level it out before building, the land itself should be something to consider. Keep in mind accessibility and access to raw materials, as well.

Still unsure about where to build? Our services at Benchmark can include land searches, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!