Office buildings are not always able to keep up with company growth or transitions. If you’re in a building that doesn’t seem to be working for your business anymore, how do you decide whether it’s time to move or renovate? There are many factors that can go into this decision, and we’d love to offer some help and insight to help you along the way!


The cost of renovating an office space depends on square footage, the professionals that you hire, and the costs of materials. The larger the space, the higher the cost will be. You can choose to just renovate a section of your office or the whole space. When you own the space that you’re in, making improvements can raise the potential resale value should your company outgrow the space. You can factor that into the decision should you choose to renovate. When you choose a great builder to help, you have the ability to customize your space into exactly what you need in the present. You can also do this by building a completely new space. Do your research and talk to an experienced builder to help you weigh the options and make an informed decision.


If you love the location that your current office is in, renovation may be the best option. You can look around the area and see if there’s anything better than where you currently are that fits your needs, but if the current location is ideal, it’s time to make the space work for you. If your company has clients come to the office often, or your location has become part of the company culture or identity, staying where you are may be wise. However, if you’re not attached to where you are, beginning a new build can be beneficial.


Have you outgrown your current space, or can it be rearranged and renovated to meet your needs? Some spaces have layouts that don’t make sense for the company that inhabits them, but layouts can be changed. Expansions are also possible in some situations. However, if there is physically no room left to expand, it may be time to build a space that better suits your needs. Have an experienced builder come in and help you assess your building and let them suggest some changes that could help make the space work for you!


If you’re on a short timeline, building a new office space will not be beneficial. However, some renovations can take longer than expected so it’s important to communicate with your builder to make sure the changes can be done in time. They will also be able to prioritize and suggest renovations that will fit inside your timeline and still make a big difference in your office.


The adaptability of your current building will play a big role in how much work you can do. If you’re renting, you will need to work with your landlord to determine what is allowed and what is not. Some locations have more regulations than others, or different permits are required. Even if you own the building, certain permissions are required in order to do construction work, expansions, or renovations. Your builder can help you discover what these are and work within the limits to create a functional space!

If you’re considering renovations on your building, call Benchmark Houston today. We would love to help you make your space functional and beautiful.